Watershed Assessment and Planning

Watershed-based resource management planning, land use classifications, land management in support of water resources, public access and land use, protection and enhancement of environmental resources, cultural and historic resources, educational and interpretive opportunities, and varying levels of water facilities and management operations are some of the numerous elements required in USACE Master Plans. USACE Master Plans require updating from time to time based on a combination of public use needs and opportunities, resource management, public demand for resources, and facility management in relation to land use development.

Stillwater Sciences has in-depth experience developing and implementing watershed-based resource management plans, including Watershed Management Plans, Master Plans, and Integrated Regional Water Management Plans (IRWMP), in coordination with USACE Master Planning efforts. In California, these Watershed Plans and IRWMPs have become planning tools/guidance and/or part of planning/feasibility/environmental documents for the Corps in multiple watersheds across the state. Stillwater environmental scientists, land use planners, and environmental engineers combine their expertise to integrate land use planning with water resource and biological resource planning and recreational use and water management needs.

Our watershed experts integrate an understanding of watershed planning with a keen ear to stakeholder needs and priorities resulting in solid goals, objectives, and metrics for implementation of master planning efforts at the programmatic and project scales. Stillwater brings facilitation expertise in the creation of successful stakeholder-based planning programs in tandem with public outreach teaming partners, where appropriate, to bolster effective and efficient stakeholder input crossing jurisdictional, geographic, and political boundaries.