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Stillwater Sciences is comprised of specialists in aquatic and terrestrial biology, ecological sciences, water quality, geomorphology, permitting and regulatory compliance, engineering, statistics, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As colleagues, we hold each other accountable, take care of one another, accommodate each other’s needs, and pride ourselves on being resourceful and taking initiative to get the job done, no matter how big or small the task. Learn more about our staff below:

Emily Applequist
Julie Ash
Katherine Ayers
Peter Baker
Amy Baur
Johannes Beeby
Ethan Bell
Derek Booth
Heather Bowen Neff
Christian Braudrick
Abel Brumo
Victoria Bryant
Christina Buck
Holly Burger
Nate Butler
Dylan Caldwell
Christine Champe

Emmalien Craydon
Yantao Cui
Kelli Dawson
Lucy DeRosier
Charon Dorsey
Stephen Matt Drenner
Lauren Dusek
Erin Elsey
Kim Gould
Rita Gruszkowski
Dennis Halligan
Patrick Hendrix
Susan Hult
Noah Hume
Emily Jadeski
Kenneth Jarrett
Nicole Jurjavcic

Wendy Katagi
Megan Keever
AJ Keith
Sapna Khandwala
Russell Liebig
Frank Ligon
Chris Lyle
Matt McKechnie
Joel Monschke
Marissa Montjoy
Matt Northup
Bruce Orr
Krista Orr
Dirk Pedersen
Margaret Pfeffer
Ian Pryor
Helen Ralphs

Rafael Real de Asua
Karley Rodriguez
Maia Singer
Derek Small
Eric Sommerauer
Jay Stallman
Liz Sterling
Nancy Stevens
Melody Stoffel
Travis Stroth
Wayne Swaney
Emily Teroka
Rob Thoms
Lorna Thurston
Olivia Townsend
Joseph Verdian
Scott Wilcox

Emily Applequist
Plant Ecologist

Emily is a plant ecologist with 7 years of experience in plant identification, restoration design and implementation, mapping, and monitoring in addition to project management, data analysis, and report production.

Julie Ash
Senior Restoration Engineer

Julie is a senior project manager, water resource engineer, and a registered professional engineer in Colorado with 25 years of experience in river restoration and engineering to support ecological, development, and redevelopment projects

Katherine Ayres
Senior Scientist

Katherine is an experienced ecologist with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. She has particular expertise in ecology, water resource management, environmental compliance, and statistics.


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