On-call Temporary Botanical Field Technicians

Office location: Portland, OR
Field locations: Northwestern Oregon
Project duration: June 2020 – September 2020

Stillwater Sciences is seeking highly motivated and talented junior- to mid-level botanists to join our interdisciplinary staff for on-call positions. We are looking for botanists interested in applying their knowledge of Oregon flora to an annual vegetation monitoring project in northwestern Oregon.

Responsibilities may include plant identification, vegetation data collection, photographic monitoring, and measuring canopy closure (shade monitoring). This is an on-call temporary position. Field efforts are anticipated to be close to 40 hours per week starting in June and typically extending into September. Scheduling may be somewhat flexible for highly qualified candidates (e.g. to accommodate student’s schedules, etc.).

The ideal applicant should have:

  • Prior field experience; have earned or in the process of earning a BS or BA in botany or similar degree
  • Excellent plant identification skills (sufficient knowledge of the local flora to be able to identify most natural occurring plant species on sight)
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Endurance to work long days in all types of weather
  • Good attitude and ability to traverse difficult terrain including steep slopes, muddy wetlands with standing water, and extremely dense brush
  • Competency to follow directions and field safety protocols
  • Solid navigational skills using maps and GPS
  • Attention to detail and commitment to sound science

Download a PDF of this announcement.

Application Details:
  • Temporary, on-call positions based out of Portland, OR office for field work in northwestern Oregon
  • Please send a cover letter with a resume in MS Word or PDF format to: resume@stillwatersci.com
  • Hourly rate commensurate with qualifications
  • Electronic submissions preferred

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