Featured Project: Glenoaks Greenway Conceptual Design Plan

Concept for Entryway

Location: Burbank Channel, tributary to Los Angeles River, Los Angeles, CA
Client: Council for Watershed Health
Project Manager: Wendy Katagi

Stillwater Sciences developed the Glenoaks Greenway Concept Design Plan that will maintain right-of-way along the Burbank Channel, tributary to the Los Angeles River, as a recreational resource and multi-use pathway that provides groundwater replenishment, water reuse, flood protection, water quality improvement, and opportunities for recreational and biodiversity, improves the aesthetics of the region, enriches the quality of life for residents, and helps sustain the economy of the region.

Taking into consideration that a changing global climate demands a more resilient approach to urban landscapes, the Glenoaks Greenway Conceptual Design Plan focuses on incorporating native plant landscapes planted within bioswales, entryways, and along the multi-use path and channel to provide a habitat corridor or linkage to target species within the Verdugo Significant Ecological Area, reduce the heat island effects of an urban core, replenish groundwater, filter stormwater, and reduce water use and maintenance.

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